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The night has finally arrived. I will attend my very first meeting with a group of local writers. This is a big deal for me. It’s a lot like pledging in college, only they won’t make me moon anyone or otherwise humiliate myself for inclusion. However, the writers that I meet tonight may become like family, sisters. Finding a solid writing community, online or otherwise, is crucial to a new writer’s sanity. While family and friends may be supportive, ( I am personally surrounded with cheerleaders), they aren’t writers. It takes a writer to know one, I think. We need to have someone else, preferably someone who has poured their heart, and soul, and sleep deprived mind into something only to be slapped with two dozen form rejections and one “You scare me, please lose my number.” It takes another writer to really feel you on that front. Another writer has hit the highs and lows that you have or will hit. They’ve read the articles, joined the blogs, attended the conventions, and struggle with the compulsion. They get it, and they have it to give too.

I think that the most interesting thing that I’ve learned about publishing is that the entire thing is set aside. It is a machine like no other. For one, there are thousands of people just like me doing exactly this right now, hoping for the same outcome. I had no idea. There are just so darn many of us! Another thing is that there are so many rules, written and unspoken too. There are protocols and procedures and etiquette to consider. Its like a whole separate culture,or a living breathing animal that I had no idea existed.

Countless blogs and websites are out there to help the struggling writer to finally call themselves an author. Complete online communities are devoted to it. The publishing industry is so utterly, dizzyingly complex that it both intrigues and frightens me. Who in your family can get that? They hear the words and their head bobs, but it just doesn’t mean the same thing if you’re not a writer.

So, I am headed out tonight, excited to meet a little knot of people in my comparatively small town, that call themselves writers. I am nervous and I am eager. They are my potential family, my new buddies, a source of information, encouragement and acceptance. They will remind me that, yes statistically speaking, only ONE in FIFTEEN THOUSAND manuscripts submitted by new authors gets printed, but odds are no reason to give up a dream.

2 comments to Local Writers Guild

  • Nikki

    Soooo how did it go? Curious minds want to know! :)

  • Julie Anne Lindsey

    The Greater Canton Writers Guild is fun! I enjoyed it thoroughly and I encourage you to come and check it out sometime. You would have a great time!

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