Meeting Online Friends in Person = Ahhhhh!

This weekend marks my second trip to Cincinnati, Ohio for the Reader & Author Get Together, established by Lori Foster. I live in northeastern, Ohio so this is about a 4 1/2 hour drive for me. It involves the village once again. My inlaws took the day of work to watch the kids. (I don’t think they mind that part LOL) Hubsy took the day off work too. I’ll be up early, rush around as if I didn’t know I was attending for the last 12 months, haul kids to grandmas, leave minivan and bounce. Zoom. I left out all the freak-outs between 8am and noon.

Last year we left the van parked in their driveway behind the garage. Then we forgot to leave the keys. LOL. They had all three kids for three days and couldn’t go anywhere. Ahhhhhh yikes.

Last year I was stressing over a pitch appointment. I have one this year and am not stressed at all. *Bonus* Live and learn. Grow and accept. Stuff like that.

Last year I had no writing credentials what-so-ever. This year I’m writing for a press sponsoring the event, which means I get to meet fellow authors, my boss, my editor….I’m super-stoked. What do I wear? I have split ends. I need a mani-pedi b-a-d. Did I mention the event’s  tomorrow? And it’s midnight now.

I planned to sign at the book signing this weekend, but don’t even get me started on that mess. *buttons lips and grimaces* Just means more time to mingle and visit and squeeze the online besties I can’t wait to see. For example, I can’t believe I’ll finally see Valerie Haight. This is so huge to me its ridic. And I have a baby gift for my preggers crit gal/beta buddy and fellow Honey Creeker, Jennifer Anderson. I’ll be making memories soon. For tonight this is the best blog post my brain can come up with that isn’t a to-do list for the next 12 hours.

Good grief! Twelve hours! I haven’t finished unpacking from vacation last week! I need a hair cut! Who’s gonna do my nails??? What the heck am I gonna wear?

I better go.

I’ll blog the deets next week and tweet my crazy all thru the event – because I’m a tweet addicted.

See ya!

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