Men In Uniform Anthology *Raaawwwwwr*

Well, Veteran’s Day came and went with a whoosh. I called the men in my life who kept me safe at one time or other and thanked them. They all appreciated it. My dad especially loves this call. I’ve made it every year since 9/11 when though I was full grown, was the first time I really let it sink in…soldiers put their lives on the front lines for us. They know what they’re in for and they sign up anyway. *blink* Would I die for my kids? Anytime. Without hesitation. Husband? Parents? Friends? Their kids? How about their neighbors? The farther removed from my life, the more time it takes me to say “Yeeee—ah?” But our service men and women  fight for us,  for strangers, everyday. They are the most noble, honorable, and respect worthy people I’ll ever know. When I saw my publisher Turquoise Morning Press planned an anthology to honor them, submission was a no brainer. I was honored to find my story included in this amazing new anthology.

If you have a love of romance and enjoy a story where a serviceman is the hero, definitely pick up a copy. I wrote a short story called Faith, Love & A Coast Guard. I’m all about the Coast Guard. Here in Ohio, pretty far from a major body of water (Lake Erie not withstanding) its easy to let the Guard slip out of our minds. I wanted to make sure we had a Coast Guard hero. Thank you to TMp for including me in this collection!! *Big Hugs*

If you haven’t thanked, hugged or pinched your favorite service man on woman yet today…right now would be a great time :)

Men in Uniform on Amazon!

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  • Jennifer

    Yes. We have a lot to be thankful for from these men and women who fight for our freedom and interests. And also to their families who also have sacrificed a lot! Thanks for a great post, Julie

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