Gratitude Giveaway *of YA AWESOME* November 17th -27th!!!!!

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November 17th to 27th

Welcome to the YA Giveaway of AWESOME!!!!!!!

As a HUGE thank you to everyone who’s stopped by the site this year and left comments, or joined or tweeted or just read a post or two – I want to GIVE something in return. I lurve YA with a deep and creepy passion, so of course, YA is the perfect answer to what I need to give!!!! Now, *taps chin* what can I give that’s a good start to showing you how I adore you?????

Well, here’s what I’m thinking…..

ONE winner drawn at random using will receive FIVE books!

The entire Mortal Instruments series by the AH-MAZ-ING Cassandra Clare. City of Bones, City of Ashes, City of Glass AND City of Fallen Angels!!!!

*But WAIT there’s MORE (I have always wanted to say that!)* That’s right. I am also giving a hardback copy of Clockwork Angel, book one in the Infernal Devices series!

I’m packing up a box full of awesomesauce for Y-O-U. Five books. All new. All to one winner.

What do you need to do to enter? Just follow with Google Friend Connect and leave a comment with your email so I can reach you to tell you


Good Luck!

These could all be yours :)

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Another fabu FYI: I wanted to tell my fellow bookish peeps about a new site called BookBuzzed. The site is designed to get readers and writers talking. Everyday a different author puts up his or her book for grabs and anyone can enter their email to win. One winner wins every day. The winner gets the book directly from the author. *FUN* A neat new site to keep an eye on!  Hop over anytime and enter for the daily book :)!

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