My Head Fell Off.

People ask me all the time how I  keep up with everything in the writer life. The answer is I totally can’t. Totally. Can’t.

Let me give you an example *a-hem*

On July 18th I had the incredible, awesome, honor of being interviewed by TWO amazing women on TWO fabulous writer/reader sites. I jumped at both opportunities and carefully answered their every question. I couldn’t wait to tell everyone to look me up and say “Hi!” so I could interact and maybe bring a few bookish people and blogs together.

When the 18th came around….I forgot it happened.

When the 19th came around….no idea those interviews had come and gone.

When the 20th came around *cricket cricket* No idea I missed it.

When the 21st  came, and dinner time approached, a small shimmer of a light, like the one from your faulty flashlight, the one you have to whack with the butt of your hand, THAT one, THAT kind of light flickered in my empty head and my mouth fell open.

HOLY COW! GOOD GRIEF! OMG! MY interviews! I missed my interviews!

And THAT my friends is how I roll….just like a square tire.

It’s very little and very late, but I’d like to show both of these amazing ladies as much love as possible and direct you to their sites. If the mood strikes, stop and see me. Both blogs are phenomenal. We reader, writer, bloggers gotta stick together ;) And if you ever wonder how the writer next to you keeps it SO Totally together…they don’t. LOL.

A Storybook World Blog from Deidra

Once Upon A Time Blog by Cristina DosSantos

Thank you  BOTH so much for having me! I really am kicking myself for being SUCH a Dork!

7 comments to My Head Fell Off.

  • thank YOU for doing the interview… I’m off to check Deidra’s blog :)

  • Do you see what I mean about amazing? Cristina! You are so kind. I appreciate you so much!!

  • I thought mine was from AGE. Then my wife said, “It’s not your age. Even your daughter has lost her memory.”

    “Is it Al-Queda” (never sure how to spell that)? “Did they put something in our water?” I asked.

    No . . . it’s too many details! Too much flipin’ information! (for you Napoleon fans out there). So . . . I slowed down. And I’ve been moving slower these days, but it’s not age. I hope that it will prove to have been . . . wisdom.

    Love your posts.

  • Sorry to comment twice in a row but . . . how come everyone else has nice pictures on their posts and I’m mister white, no-faced silhouette? Help an old, head-falling-off, old guy!

  • Oh how I totally agree with you. Writing is, as I wrote in this post, an on-again-off-again love affair. Sometimes it is hard to keep it all straight! Great post!!!! Off to check out the sites! Thank you and WRITE ON!!!!!

  • Oh yes, been there. I’ve had days where I wake up and totally know what’s going on, then I have days where I wake up and am not quite sure where I am – it’s a throwback from college traveling.

    But it does mess up your day.

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