My Journey to Publication by Tahlia Newland

Today we have a guest post by Tahlia Newland. She writes young adult/adult urban fantasy with a touch or more of romance in it and a focus on challenging readers’ perception of reality. I have five ebook copies of  her short paranormal romance, ‘The Drorgon Slayer’s Choice’, to give away, and A Matter of Perception, her anthology of urban fantasy & magical realism stories, is  available on ebook  for the special release price of 99c until the 14th November.   Get it on Amazon or Smashwords.

My journey to publication.

My first novel, Lethal Inheritance took three years and a lot of learning before I found an agent. I leapt around and screeched with joy, thinking it was only a matter of time before I landed that publishing deal, but time moves very slowly in the traditional publishing world and eighteen months and two revisions later, I’m still waiting – but only for that book.

In several of the rejections, the publisher said they were impressed with the quality of what they read. One said she really would like to publish it, but like the others, she already had her quota of young adult fantasy filled for the year. Others weren’t interested because they thought books with demons in them were out of fashion.  I missed out, not because it wasn’t good enough but because others got in first or because someone had decided that all demons were alike, (mine come from the eastern tradition and have nothing to do with God or the devil) We’re still waiting for two more publishers to get back to us.

To fill in the time, I wrote some short stories, started on a novella prequel to ‘Lethal Inheritance’ and investigated publishing options that didn’t require me to wait for months just for someone to get to look at my submission. Independent ebook publishing would allow me to retain control of my work, get most of the profit for my efforts and publish at a time of my choosing. A publisher friend (unfortunately, she only publishes non fiction) convinced me to stick with the traditional system for ‘Lethal Inheritance’, because of the advantages they have in product visibility and the distribution of print books.

But what about my short stories and novella?  Traditional publishers don’t publish short stories much and never by unknown authors, nor do they publish novellas because they’re not cost effective in print, but they’re a perfect length for ebook. So after lots of research and with the encouragement of some writer friends, I decided to try the indie route myself. At last I could stop feeling impotent and get on with what I wanted to do ie get my writing into the world.

First, my husband and I expanded our production company to include a publishing arm called Catapult Press, then we made a business plan. Luckily, I’m an artist as well as an author, so I created my own covers, which I think are pretty decent. What do you think? Then I had to learn to format for ebook. You can do it simply for Smashwords, but for Amazon, if you want a professional result, you need to learn some HTML. David Gaughran’s ‘Let’s get Digital’ (a must read if you’re considering indie ebook publishing) put me onto Guido Henkel’s formatting guide and off I went.

I finally published my two ebooks and then – gasp – the real fun started, telling people about it. But marketing is another story. At this stage, I’ll just say that indie publishing is not for anyone who isn’t organised and methodical, and that marketing is incredibly time consuming. I hope it all starts rolling on its own soon because my business plan says that ‘Realm Hunter,’ my paranormal romance novella, is due out in December and I plan to make sure it will be, because it’s looking awesome.

I hope you’ll pick up ‘A Matter of Perception’ before the 14th and get the flavour of my writing so you’ll be keen to read ‘Realm Hunter’ when it comes out. If you like my books, don’t forget to give them reviews on Goodreads and Amazon. Thank you.

About A Matter of Perception

Do you see what I see? Take a bunch of supernatural beings, a battle of magical light, a mysterious hole in the pavement, a dream of a future past and a pair of rose-coloured glasses, mix them with a little romance and a smidgen of philosophy and you might be left wondering if it isn’t all just a matter of perception. This thought-provoking collection of urban fantasy and magical realism stories includes ‘The Drorgon Slayer’s Choice’ and ‘The Boneyard’, a semi finalist in the Aussiecon 4 Make Ready fantasy/scfi competition of 2010.

About The Drorgon Slayer’s Choice’.

Are you willing to stake your future on a butterfly’s shampoo preferences? Julia’s not sure. She knows that relationships made in heaven can end up in hell, but if she can avoid having her memory wiped, she just might end up with a god of her own.

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About Tahlia:

My name is Tahlia Newland.  Apart from ‘Lethal Inheritance’ and the second draft of the sequels, ‘Stalking Shadows’, ‘Demon’s Grip’ and ‘Eternal Destiny’, I’ve written scripts for theatre in education and a book of short stories for children. As well as being an author, I’m a casual high school teacher ( dance, drama, art and whatever else they throw at me) and a maskmaker. I live on a beautiful property in rainforest about two and a half hours drive south of the city of Sydney in Australia. I have a teenage daughter, Kimberley, and a husband, Chris, who is also a teacher.  We live only 6 km from the main highway but grid power doesn’t reach us, so our electricity is solar and  water generated. For most of my working life I was a performer . I started as a dancer, then moved into mask, mime and visual theatre. I spent five years doing a niteclub dance/mime act with my husband in Sydney and about 13 years performing in schools in Australia and New Zealand. I’m a hopeless case of being slave to my creative impulses, but I’m never bored. I love cats but I don’t have one because they eat native birds.  This is my favourite LOL cat. I have studied the mind my whole life and practiced  meditation since 1996.

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