I’m Getting Published!!!!

Time for my scoop! After a couple years of writing obsessively and blogging about all the little hiccups and hangups along the way, I’ve written a piece that found the perfect home! SQUEEE!!!! Let me tell you about it…

The title of the work is Bloom (unless that is changed along the way which I hear is not uncommon). Bloom is a sweet romance written very specifically for a new line of books at the Turquoise Morning Press. All of the titles in this line will revolve around the same lovely small town in rural Ohio. Because I am so Midwestern it hurts, I literally bounced and clapped and told all my girlfriends when I saw this line was being created. I couldn’t wait to write something, and then I prayed – a lot- that I’d written something they wanted.

I got the good news last week. They want Bloom for their Honey Creek line, and I’m going to be a published author!!!!!! SQUUUEEEE!!! Most of you probably heard me scream last week when I got the offer. You might not have know what it was then, but now you do. It was me.

Bloom will be published in eBook format. It’s very short, weighing in at only 24K words. However, now that I’ve gotten a taste of Honey Creek, I promise you I’ve already laid out the framework for another in that line! (Like I needed to tell you. Of course I did, right?)

In preparation for Bloom‘s, debut, I’ve set up a Julie Anne Lindsey Author Site on Facebook and also a separate website Julie Anne Lindsey.com, where I can update the deets on Bloom as they come. I’ll post cover art, book trailers, release dates, giveaways, etc over there. So, please stop and check it out! Like my Facebook page. Let’s be girlfriends and writerly besties, okay? My new website…I love it so much. It is totally Julie. I imagined up what I wanted it to look like, then literally drew it on cardstock in colored pencils and glued on the Facebook badge and twitter link etc. I brought the craft to hubs and said. “I need an author site. Can you make it look like this?” He lifted a brow and nodded. Then, 12 hours later, tuh-duh! <– My husband is scary-crazy-good. Yeah.

Meanwhile, in keeping with the spirit of my baby, Musings From the Slush Pile, I’ll be posting about writing over here every day like always. On that note: I’m always looking for other writers and authors who want a sounding board, and some promotion, so let me know if you’d like to be a guest! I interview or feature a different writer every Wednesday, and if you’d like to simply write a guest post, send it over with a pic and your links!

That pic at the top of this post is one of the many headshots I had taken this week by a local photog and I think maybe a magician LOL.  You can find more pics by her at Rebekah Pizor Photography.

*Let me know if you want to guest post, book review, plug your work, or be featured on a Wednesday!*

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