My New Look in the Digital World

Saying Goodbye to the teal and gray color scheme was hard. I was used to it. It was home. Removing the tiny, reading princess in my header was even harder. She was my own. I drew her, planned her, wanted a silhouette in a fairy tale world. Before being published, Princess stood before a huge pile of slush letters. Those went away when I signed my first contract. Since then she’s kept on reading and comforting me. But, like all things, eventually, she had to go. What can I say? Seasons change. I like to think Princess is reading in Vegas now.

The reason? Because I write in multiple genres, it was important to me that my sites convey this fact. Deciding how to go about it was tricky. No way to gear the site to one genre when I write in a few, so I decided to forget that angle and remember what it all came down to: Me. I’m a dreamer. A ponderer. A writer. It’s what makes me Me. So, I bought this cutie little smartie picture and made her mine. She’s the new thread tying my presence together, representing me in one small way. She’s my new header, the face of my brand new website and my FaceBook Author Page. I like her. She’s smart and pink. What’s not to love?

If you visit my new author site, you’ll see the amazingness that is my husband. I told him what I needed – one website to showcase everything author related to me. Then, I doodle up, literally in crayon, what I had in mind. I did hand gestures and moved around the room to explain what I wanted to happen when people went there. He said, “I can’t do that. Not with what I know. I’d have to learn new code.” I smiled, bumped shoulders with him, batted my lady lashes, and assured him I had great faith in his mad skills. Then, he got started. The man obvi likes a challenge because for some crazy reason, he married me. LOL. It’s been about a week and we were gone all weekend, but Hubsy learned some new code, HTML5, CCS? CC+? IDK. But, he did it and the beta site is up. We’re cleaning  it up now, working out the kinks. It’s exactly what I wanted and I am ecstatic.

If you have another click left in you, and want to check out the site, I’d love to hear what you think. The site looks great on our laptops, iphone and android phone & tablet. On the ipad3 a cloud is over the lady’s face LOL but that’s the only issue we see. There are so many ways to get there today, I can’t help but wonder how it looks to you and if we can make it better. We’ve already integrated several suggestions from my twitter friends and are eager to make it a fun and professional site.

If you’re still reading, I think the point of this post is: it’s okay and sometimes necessary to change things up a bit, retire stuff you love and make room for new. Life changes. We have to be flexible. A little spring cleaning/sprucing is sometimes good for the soul…and your blog LOL

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