NaNoWriMo Newbie Right H.E.R.E

I’ve covered NaNoWriMo with more than a couple posts since starting this blog, but I never considered taking part…until now. This year is the year I’m joining the leagues of writers every where. I am NaNoING. Sure, I have lots to learn. Like bunches. And bundles. But that’s alright. You gotta start somewhere. So, I went over to the site and set up my profile and filled in the deets of the sequel I need to get busy on, only to discover I’m supposed to start something completely new. Nuts. So, now I need a new idea. Bummer. My time is slipping away and I need an idea – a good one.

But I also learned about local groups who meet in person and shock upon shock – my little city has one! I am not even kidding you right now. My eyes are like saucers still. I’m following them on twitter and FB and watching them on the NaNo site. I can’t believe it. Also, I added a #NaNoWriMo column to my tweetdeck so I can tweet with other word warriors all next month and make some new besties too. I know my words won’t be quality at such a frantic pace, BUT I WILL have a nice framework and some characters doing things and a setting put together. I’d say after 30 days, I’ll have enough of a rough draft to hold a fully submittable ms in my hand before the snow stops falling in Ohio. That beats the fudge outta thinking about it until then :) What can I say? I’m a jump first look later girl. Now, to outline something….

That’s my deal. I’m holding my chin high. I’m gonna do it! I just need a story idea and some rough details in the next two weeks and I’m golden. LOL. No probs.

Now, how about you? Do you NaNo? Will you this year?

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  • Unless things have changed since I last participated you can totally do a sequel! The point is not to work on a book you’ve already started. A new book in an existing series isn’t a problem.

  • I did NaNoWriMo last year for the first year and it was the best thing I ever did – hard, but great.
    I have signed up again this year. My problem is the opposite – I have too many ideas. I have 4 possible stories and I can’t pick which one I want to write!

    What’s your NaNo name – do you want to be ‘Buddies’ I’m ‘Barmy_Bex’

    Good luck for the month. :D

  • I’m doing it for the first time this year two. I’ve settled on my idea, but I actually thought it might come down to flipping a coin on Nov. 1st between the couple of ideas I was most interested. Of course, the only reason I already had the ideas ready is because I’ve been sitting on them for months/years and never gotten serious. But come Nov. 1, it won’t be about outlining and musing. It will be, as you say, about writing something new and getting the draft done. I wish you well on your NanNoWriMo quest.

  • Julie, you can still do the sequel, even if you’ve already started it. There’s a section on the forum (at the bottom) called “Outside the Box.” In that section are threads that discuss being a “NaNo Rebel.” I was a rebel last year and intend to do it again this year.

    50,000 words isn’t a complete novel, so I get everything I need together (outlines, characters, chocolate) and open a new doc. The first 20-30,000 words are already written on a previous doc. This way, when I finish the 50,000 words, in theory, I’ve reached the end of the novel. The fresh, NaNo-only doc keeps me honest on word count for the month, and also keeps me from going back to previous material to tweak it.

    Come join me on the dark side. You know you’re a total rebel. ;-)

  • Well, after doing NaNo for 6 years or so, I am finally NOT doing it this year. But you will have fun, I can guarantee. I may troll around the forums a bit, sharing my spreadsheets and whatnot as I normally do.

    Good luck!

  • Well, I plan on joining the butt kicking on NaNoWritMo. I write all the time, but when it comes to my MS’s I get hung up somewhere in the middle. I figure this will be a way to force me to begin, write, and finish something BIG. Here’s hoping it works, and to making new friends in the process of trying not to go crazy as we fight past our desire to self edit.

  • This will be my 6th(?) year doing NaNo and I totally agree with you. The motivation and community provided by NaNo makes the whole writing process fun and productive. I’m hoping to keep my streak alive with another win this year.

    My novel started as a campfire story for my Scout troop and is titled “Boy Scouts of the Apocalypse”. It is, as you might have guessed, a zombie apocalyps novel. My NaNo handle is mplested. I’d love to be NaNoBuddies with you because there is definite strength in numbers. :)

  • Rachel is right. You can still work on the sequel. People do it all of the time. I did it a few times but this year, I’m starting fresh. Good luck!

  • Margaret Ethridge

    This will be my third year NaNo-ing. Be sure to add me to your buddy list – Mag1

  • First year I heard about it, First time participating…someone shot me. :)

  • I’m participating for the first time this year. I’m so excited, but also nervous. I have ideas, but it’s hard to know where to begin…

  • 2k-a-day is the mantra I use. It may not be the prettiest of most grammatical at the end, but that’s what the month of December is for. Taking it apart and making it something that others would want to read.

  • Me too! I am really excited and the whole thing is totally motivating me. I am excited for November 1 to get here. Good luck!

  • Gabrielle

    This year marks my 3rd trek into NaNoLand (QuarterStar). What is helping me channel my I-Don’t-Have-an-Idea-Yet excitement is the ebook, “NaNo for the New and the Insane, A NaNoWriMo Survival Guide.” It has tips, strategies, and mindsets for tackling 30 days of Crazy and though I don’t have a clue what I’ll write about, I’m stoked about waiting for it to develop somewhere out there in IdeaForest.

    The author Lizette Gifford (phenomenally prolific-has written over 150,000 words in a NaNo month) offers a free PDF download here:

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