Agent Natalie Fischer Will Write Your Query For You

Guess what I found!!! A new and awesome contest from the ever-fabulous-agent-extraordinaire Natalie Fischer! Whee!  While flitting around my favorite agent sites, I found awesomeness served in chocolate sauce, riding on a brownie, possibly with coffee. Yes, the epitome of loveliness and I want it.

Apparently, we writers have crafted some pretty big stinkers and sent them masquerading as our queries. This is true, according to Natalie, and I believe everything she says, so it is true. It is so true that Ms. Fischer even has a section on her site devoted to queries. Whether we like it or not, they are the key to the gate. If your query’s a stinker, you don’t get in. No one requests more, and you are never-ever invited to the party.

Personally, I like to party, and I love brownies with chocolate-sauce and coffee, so I’m entering Natalie’s contest.You can too.

Here’s how:

First, you write the absolute worst query you can imagine. It can be a parody of one of your novels, an exiting novel, or something you completely make up, doesn’t matter. Just, write it really poorly and send it to Natalie via comments thread on her blog. Please don’t send it to her submissions. That would be hilarious for me, but not as much for her, or you, as you may become blacklisted from her inbox.

The winner gets, and I am deadly serious, a query written BY NATALIE. OK, get off the floor. Shake it off. Breathe in through your nose and out thru…wait, maybe reverse that? I’m not a nurse. Have some coffee. Then, keep reading.

Get all the details at her site Adventures in Agentland.

Contest begins Monday September 13th and ends Friday September 17th.

**Note from Me, Julie: If you would be so kind, consider posting your terrible queries here too. I’d love to share some of your humor with my readers too. It won’t effect your chance of winning at Natalie’s site and it would just crack me the heck up, so please, share. Please!


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