Ohio River Festival of Books 2012

Last night I had the honor of attending the Ohio River Festival of Books in Huntington, WV. It was quite a little adventure for Hubsy and I. He took half a day off work, his mom and devoted grandma, took the whole day off. She met us at home and kept Little Miss until the bus arrived with our boys that afternoon, then kept them all for the night. Someone give this woman a medal!

Meanwhile, I packed up, prettied up, and we hit the road! We talked about things from serious to silly and thanks to modern technology, we listened to our combined playlist we heard from House of Pain to LL Cool J, Nirvana and everything in between. It was so much fun. I always have a blast with my husband, and I gotta say, this writing thing is giving up legit opportunities to get away together.

West  Virginia truly is Wild & Wonderful as their slogan states. It was an absolutely gorgeous day. I met dozens of wonderful authors and their spouses and some of their kids too. The speaker was lovely. The venue was pretty. The local band was phenomenal. We were all treated like truly special guests at the event. I’m always humbled at that concept. It was fun to be from Ohio down there too. After I’d say “Hi!” and they’d say “How’doo.” ( I got that a LOT) and “How y’all doin tuh-not.” I would smile so huge my face hurt. My dad was born adn raised in West Virginia. He lives there now. I don’t see him enough and the patrons at this event sounded like my dad. I wanted to squeeze them each. But, then, I’d say “I’m great. It’s really nice to be here” and they’d raise an eye brow…”Where y’all from?” Cause obvi I was not from Huntington :)

Something great about Huntington? Marshall University. Fabulous, gorgeous, beautiful school. My dad was jealous he couldn’t meet me for the event and check out the campus. It is, after all, home to his second favorite basketball team. You already know WVU is his first favorite :)

We had an amazing little get away. Hubsy and I. We got back home a little after one and slept like logs. While the music might’ve made us feel young again….the age kept us in check. LOL Now, I’m up and caffeinated and waiting for grandma to return those little Lindseys to me. I’m sure there’s a busy day ahead.

HUGE HUGE Thank you to the folks at Ohio River Festival of the Book for their lovely event and gracious invitation to join them.

Thank you!

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