Preparing to Nano – I Got A PLAN

This is my first attempt at NaNoWriMo and I’m already a Nano rebel. Yeah. I look like a rebel. No shock there LOL. For those who have asked how I’m preparing for the mad dash to 50K, I am sharing my feeble plan :)

1. I decided what I will write about. For me, it makes the most sense to complete a WIP. No that’s NOT the traditional NaNo thing to do – hence the rebel part. BUT I owe my publisher a sequel by May 1st. I have about 16K now, but have been sidetracked and unfocused. NaNoing 50K of the sequel will help me get almost finished up and then I have time to polish, refresh, rework and mold it into fabulousness. Please stop eye rolling. It will be! LOL

2. I know I like short chapters with a bit of a cliff hanger or intrigue at the end of each when I write. I also know my chapters tend to run around 2K each. So, I’ve broken down the 50K into 2K chunks for chapters and given each a sentence to tell me what the main trial or point will be, like a chapter title to remind me.

3. I’m now developing the chapters into paragraph summaries of what I want to play out in those chapters.

The end.

That is all. That’s my brilliant three step plan. I have the advantage here of already knowing most of my characters. This is, after all, a sequel. So, I’ve done much of the character development and can focus on the story this time. I hope the outline will reduce the amount of time I sit staring at the keys in November and increase the amount of words flowing from brain to fingers.

We shall see.

What’s your NaNoWriMo Plan?? BTW next year I plan to completely wing it for the experience of pantsing 50k in 30days :)

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  • Brilliant, Julie Anne! And actually, NaNo recommends you have an outline, so you’re not rebelling as much as you think ;) I’ve done the month-long haul two years now and even though I write full time anyway, I can’t wait to dive it–this is a massive community with really fabulous people. See you in November! ;)

  • Wiebke

    I’ve outlined my first ever own character novel (previous writing was fanfiction) – it had languished on my laptop for far too long (I’ve got the first 417 words… so theoretically I’m a rebel too, but I refuse to look at it like that as I wrote them literally months ago and have not touched them since) – I have refined my outline, set up character pages but as I’m a writing from the guts, it’s relatively loose – not quite as detailed as a sentence per 2000 words

  • Fab! I like the idea of rebelling the first time around.
    Last year I picked a brand new idea and winged it. It was great fun and turned me into a crazed daily-writing kind of guy. This year, like you, I plan to complete a work in progress. I haven’t planned it out like you have, but then again I never do. Still, good luck with it all. See you on the other side of November!

  • Keisha

    You’re not rebelling, I did nano last year and came close I was 5K off from the finsih line, this year instead of starting a fresh new idea I am going to add to the wip, I am still passionate about it, I have my outline done so I will ride the waves of adding more words. ood Luck=o)

  • I think an outline is a wonderful idea! I’m struggling to come up with my own though, since this year I’m aiming for 100K instead of 50K. It took me two tries of NaNo to accomplish the 50K goal, but I wasn’t pleased with the length of the novel. I’m hoping that my being unemployed and thus having more time to write will push me to take advantage of this month to get this novel out of my head and onto the page so I can work towards getting published. That is my dream! I have half the outline right now, I think (I hope…). I hope within the next week to be done with the outline for the second half of the novel!

    Anyway, thanks for sharing and good luck! I look forward to hearing about how you’re doing with your writing this coming month!


  • Julie Anne, I think your editor will be pleased your loyalty is to the publisher first and NaNo “rules” second. Besides, if the intention of the NaNo is the generation of pages, you are in the core of its spirit.

  • I love this plan! I have no plan right now. :( I need to do some sort of outline or character sheet or something in which to have a semi-plan. Last year was easier because I was using inspiration about actual events. So I didn’t really need much in the way of planning.

  • I have a blurb idea but no more planning than that. I’ll just start writing on Nov 1st and see where it takes me. :D

  • I think having a plan is a great idea. And although I am not going to participate in NaNo, I plan to see how many words of my WIP I can write in a month. I hope that everyone posting about their Nano progress will keep me motivated to pay attention to my word count. That is not something I normally do.

  • I was going to do an outline, but my brain refuses. So instead I’m going to spend my time developing the characters and doing some world building. What else am I to do when my brain rebels?

    Good luck!

  • I’m going the rebel route this year, too. I’ve had a book languishing for awhile that deserves at least to be finished off. Characters and setting are already developed. Just need to wrangle the rest of the plot around. But then, that’s the fun of pantsing it. I’m on there as findingmysky. We can do the writing buddy thing, if you’re game.

  • Other than you cheating on the rules….. :] Congrats on having a plan! That’s the first step. I’ve got a plan too! You can find it on my blog. Good luck with NaNoWriMo!

  • Ooh, planning sounds like a good idea. I just threw words at Nano last year & I was hoping to repeat. The point is TO WRITE, right? Cool.

  • Alyssa Cole

    This sounds pretty much exactly like my plan (minus the novel being a sequel), so I think it’s great! The rules are great, but it just doesn’t make sense to leave a novel languishing when NaNoWriMo is the perfect opportunity to finish it and move on to the next project.

  • Yeah, #2 & 3 aren’t rebelling. Outlines are fine. Some people, I think, even go WAY into the Snowball Method and have HUGE outlines, character sheets, etc.

    As for #1 Enjoy the rebel forum. :-)

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