Review: Angel Burn L.A. Weatherly

I happened across this YA at the bookmobile. It was one of those moments, waiting behind 57 gradeschoolers to checkout when the cover caught my eye. Then the title. Then the blurb… I brought it home and stuck it on my treadmill where all hardback books go to wait for TREADMILL TIME!!! <– that was in my best DJ Paulie D voice. That guy’s a kick. Anyway…I rarely do book reviews, but I wanted to tell you about this one.

Angel Burn by L.A. Weatherly

Angel Burn is about angels, yes, but unlike the trend, these angels aren’t of the heavenly good v evil variety. Oh no. In Angel Burn, the angels are some kind of alien beings. They feed on people’s energy source leaving them with “Angel Burn.” They see the angels in angelic form and feel all warm and special and gooey. The believers build churches around the country to worship them and humans come in droves to see the angels. Those who don’t believe just don’t bother with them. Those who do are in awe. Angels are yumming up the country on willing people and only one Angel Killer remains.

So, I hope that didn’t just spoil everything for you…but there’s also a girl and she’s very special. There’s a boy sent to kill her. Yeah, I said it. He was sent to KILL her. OMG. I flipped through the pages as I ran, I carried the book to the shower (left it outside) picked it up again. I HATED the alien soul sucking angel thingys. I ADORED Willow (that’s the very special girl) and I d-r-o-o-l-e-d over the would be killer. I swear when they finall…okay I know I’m going to spoil something…

If you love YA, pick up this book. It’s got all our favorite stuff like intrigue and romance and tension and lurve. It’s got action and panic and WTH?? It’s fabulous. PLUS it’s got a great twist on angels. I’ve read my share of angel YA in the last year and am looking forward to reading Becca Fitzpatrick’s Silence asap, but Angel Burn is a really great twist on something we already love.

Evil angel alien beings. I mean…isn’t that completely awesome?

Try it. Betcha like it.

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  • I didn’t think it’d be as good as it was. Usually, I don’t like it when books switch from different point of views, but Weatherly’s style of writing had me hooked since page 1. To add to that, it sheds a new view of angels. The concept she used was not only unique but intriguing. And of course, the romance was superb!

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