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Much thanks to fellow tweeter and book lover Ivy Hawthorn for making my week amazing. When I saw her tweeting last week about how much she was enjoying Vanish by Sophie Jordan, I flipped out. I mean, I loved Firelight. I’ve been waiting for Vanish since the moment I laid the first book down, and Ivy was reading it. She had an ARC copy. *Jealousy struck* I tweeted to Ivy that she was so super lucky and she simply said, “When I finish, do you want it?” Ahhh! Did I want it? Holy cow was she kidding me? Yeah I wanted it! A few days later it arrived in my mailbox. now, seriously, how cool was that scenario? She finished, got my addy and popped it in the mail.

Vanish by Sophie Jordan

Writing this review was tough. I started a number of times, only to erase giant portions because I loved this book, possibly more than the first and I really want to tell you all about it – somehow- without any spoilers. That’s the tricky part because I feel like it’s ALLLLL spoilers. I want you to gasp for yourself. Serious. She had me from page one.

Vanish begins where Firelight left off. Cassian has Jacinda and her sister Tamra and their mother in a car whisking them back to the pride. Jacinda’s stress is at an all time high. She never wanted to leave the pride and now she doesn’t want to return, but that too has been decided for her. She’s revealed herself and must face judgment, then accept her punishment. She’s lost her true love Will and her sister Tamra is very sick. Something’s happening to her. Their mother will most certainly be punished for taking them away. Going back is bad, but she cannot stay.

Life back with the pride is awful. Jacinda’s outcasted. She pines for Will while trying to make sense of Cassian’s affections for her, and hers for him. Her mother retracts into herself, into her room, into a bootle. Tamra’s living apart from them and Jacinda is on her own. All she wants is Will, but how can that be possible? How can she escape the pride? Leave her family? Sneak away? Could she escape even if she could make the firm decision to go?

The imagery and emotion Jordan paints in this book is phenomenol. I can see the village she describes, feel its protective mist on my face, smell the earth and trees and crisp air over them. In Vanish, the tension is palpable and coming at you from every angle. Every character is fighting their own internal battles, and creating mass havoc on one another. Every stake is higher. Every risk is greater. I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. Was Jacinda going to get out? Would she really leave them? Could she? What about Cassian? The pride? Her mother? The hunters.

Will’s presence is much less in this book than it was in Firelight, but his absence only adds to the tension, her heartbreak, her emotion. As she struggles at home in the pride, she and Cassian connect. Whether she wants it to be true or not, the one her sister longs for has only ever longed for her, and she cares for him too, but ….she couldn’t do that to Tamra or Will. She must get to Will. Her every thought returns to this truth.


Around every corner there is another danger, another threat, another obstacle. I love the way Jordan answers enough of the readers’ questions to satisfy, all while sneakily dropping more problems in our laps. Then, what did she do to me at the end? She left me hanging with an unthinkable ensemble of characters standing together, in danger’s way, about to risk their lives to save another. If they succeed, it could unite them, bring a touch of understanding at the least, but that too would only create other bigger problems – IF they survive. Cliffhanger! The End. Sophie Jordan is killing me.

*Sighs* I loved this book.

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  • Kendra

    I can’t wait until Vanish comes out and I can read it! I finished Firelight in two days and now the wait for the sequel seems unbearable! Thank you for writing a review of it and letting me know that it will be just as amazing as the first. If there is any chance that you still have the book and are willing to lend it for a day or two, please let me know! It would be much appreciated by a fellow Firelight fan. Thanks again.

    Kendra Johnson

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