Scott Eagan’s Alien Vampire Bunny Contest

About six weeks ago, I posted about an upcoming contest: The Alien Vampire Bunny Contest. The contest ran throughout the month of October and Scott Eagan of Greyhaus Literary was the host. Mr. Eagan offered up a critique on two partials of your choice if you won. Wahhh??? Yessah.

The challenge: write a blurb to entice the reader, get a catchy title, and then write the opening two pages of a romance with an alien vampire bunny playing a central role. The idea, he said, was to test our chops (my words not his). How well can we get out of our comfort zone, be creative, create worlds and develop characters?

This is the second year of the contest and it was created by Mr. Eagen in honor of Kate Duffy, an editor who made a great impression on him and on his fabulous literary agency.

The contest has been extended by two weeks due to an email issue over at Greyhaus. If you had the opportunity to enter, I’m thrilled! I jumped on this the minute I saw it. What a fun challenge! What an awesome prize! Sheeyah!

If you haven’t had a chance to stop by the site, please do. Alien Vampire Bunny Contest. If you have a few minutes, open the file and read the submissions, maybe even take a moment to vote on your favorite. It’s exciting to see the votes tallying up. I’ve been glued to the results since October first. All writers need a little love and those who are involved in a contest like this (like me) could really use a boost. Contest closes in four days, so its crunch time and you’re votes are much appreciated!

If you simply don’t have time, but love learning more about the  industry, try Mr. Eagan’s blog. It’s a fabulous resource and I check it often. *Love it!* Babbles From Scott Eagan


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