So, I’m in an Anthology

Well, I’ve never been published before. Not ever. So, I’m pretty happy with myself today. I’ve signed some contracts this year, but nothing will be available until 2012, so truthfully those feel fake. It’s just so far away. In February for example, I signed a contract for a three book deal with a small press, BUT book one in the series won’t be out until August 2012. That’s 18 months- a pretty hefty wait. Somewhere around the 6 month mark you think, “Wow, I still have another YEAR to wait” and you quit thinking about it. What’s worse is telling people in my real world I signed a book contract, only for them to hear the pub date and slide their eyes at me. “Uh-huh.” The look says. “Sure, I have one coming too – next year.” I know they think I’m deluded. They don’t understand the snail’s pace to which this industry moves like we do.

That said, I wrote a short sweet romance for the Summer Shorts Anthology published by the Turquoise Morning Press a couple months back and it is available! Sure, sure, my story is only about 10 pages long, but it’s HERE. I’ve never seen my words on actual paper I didn’t buy from WalMart in ream form. Better yet, there’s a picture of me  inside and my bio and a blurb & excerpt from my debut novella coming in January (ish). LOL.

This is a big day for me. A huge deal. Today I’m feeling less like a fraud and more like an author. I can add links to my posts and have a book on the other end! I did that. I wrote that. Those are my words. I’m feeling kinda proud of myself today.

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  • You should feel proud of yourself, it’s awesome that you are in an anthology! Now only to wait for your first full-length novel to be published… But in the meantime: CONGRATS!!

  • Congratulations Julie – it is a great day and a great feeling. Enjoy it and I know it will be the first of many publishing celebrations and milestones for you. Awesome!

  • That’s so great, Julie :) Be proud of yourself! Good luck with the waiting!

  • Ang

    Way to go, Julie! That’s terrific news! :)

  • Yay! Congrats :D That’s awesome!

  • Obviously you have done all the right things to get the 3 book deal. It may seem like a long wait, but realized in 5 years it will be history and part of your publishing resume. In 10 years you’ll wonder where all the time has gone. In 20 you’ll wish it would slow down. I am envious.

  • THANK YOU!!!!! You guys are BEYOND awesome for taking your time to say congrats SQUEE *pounds feet* Hooray!

  • Congratulations Julie! Enjoy every success, big or small. More great things are on their way! So happy for you! Yay! : )

  • Valerie Haight

    I’m so very proud of you and excited for you! *Throws confetti in Arkansas! You are so very talented and such a great inspiration, it’s why we keep coming back time and time again. You are our drug. We need you to keep going!! Congrats on the payoff of a crapton of hard work and waiting.

  • Congratulations! Ah, the absurd world of publishing, where by the time it hits the stands it seems new to you when you read it even as the author. So glad you can hold your published writing in your hand now.

  • You should feel proud. Awesomepants!

    I completely agree about the I signed a book contract but it won’t come out until next year. No, really. I did! I did! And Santa is real, too!

    Thanks for another great post!

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