Startled and Scurrying

I have received fantastic, incredible, terrifying, panic inducing news, via email. It seems that a project which I had considered dead in the water may have a life left in it after all. I queried a manuscript a while back and received many bites, but no takers. I had a few worthwhile suggestions in the midst, which I promptly applied and then waited. There is a certain agency with whom I hoped to find a home, and after about three months of a non response to a partial, I considered it a loss. The manuscript went into hibernation and I went on to pen another story that was wildly different in order to change my pace and have a break. Well, what do you know? After about six months, the partial requester came back with a positive response. She would like to see the manuscript. Voila! Joy, pain, sunshine and rain. It seems that what she liked in those first 3 chapters (thank hotmail for keeping every correspondence that I have sent out in a decade) was gone, kaput, rearranged until unrecognizable. What’s a little author gal to do? I have no idea. I figure, I’d better haul the story out of storage, dust it off and give it another read through. It’s been long enough that I want to be sure that I am sending out my best. Hey, what was my best a half year ago may not be all I can offer these days, right? Hopefully I have improved my craft. We shall see. So, my printer is printing (I do better work if I can touch it) my ink is depleting, my brain is smoking and my eyes are stinging. This just may be for all the cookies!

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