Stephanie Plum is my Homegirl

Okay, I’m being silly, but I do love this crazy, down-to-earth, girl-next-door-with-a-stun-gun character. I have read most of the Stephanie Plum novels, and she just gets better. It doesn’t matter where you begin in the series, she’s just fun. These are definitely NOT YA novels and the content can be disturbing in a ridiculous way, but somehow it all works. I know I’ve written about my love for this series in the past, but I happened to pick up “To The Nines” “Ten Big Ones” “Twelve Sharp” and “Fearless Fourteen” at the library last week. I have officially finished them. Yeah. Between three kids and homeschool, and whatever else, I’ve been putting down about 300 pages every 24 hours. These Janet Evanovich novels are like crack. I highly recommend you pick a few up as soon as humanly possible.

What’s so endearing about Stephanie Plum? Well, she’s alot like me – and every other woman at some point in their lives. She was outta work, needed a job, and her nutty family sent her over to see her wayward cousin about a filing job. That cousin owns a Bail Bonds business and he didn’t need a filing clerk as much as a bounty hunter. Her initial reaction was like ours “I can’t do that.”  but the pay was bigger, faster and looked lots nicer than the filing pay. So, she started with getting a drunk who missed his court date from the local bar and turning him in. Easy. Sadly and hysterically, it was all down hill from there. For the next sixteen novels – plus some side stories like Plum Spooky and Plum Crazy- Stephanie finds herself in some less than ordinary situations.

What’s so entertaining? All of it. She finds herself in lots of messes I can completely believe and then Ms. Evanovich throws in an over-the-top boo-ya knocking the “it could happen” right out of the ballpark, causing me to cover my mouth and stifle the laughter, omigosh, and tears. Stephanie’s cars are blown up at an alarming rate, she gets stalked, abducted, knocked on her heiney and otherwise embarrassed regularly. No matter what the day was like, she takes it in stride and goes to her paren’t house for dinner.

Did I mention the people in her life? Her Dad’s the strong silent type, her mom cooks to make everything OK, her Grandma is nutty as a four year old fruit cake, the neighborhood phone tree calls in every single sighting and rumor of Steph’s hi-jinks. Her partner is a plus size black woman and former ho, wearing size 10 spandex and fire red hair extensions, Lula. Her on again off again boyfriend was the neighborhood bad boy turned detective who is constantly trying to get Steph to quit her job – hence the on again off again, and her co worker is a man of mystery and utterly drool worthy hunk of love. Both men in her life would like to claim her. Her boyfriend wants to marry her, the other guy hasn’t mentioned what he’d like to do specifically, but it’s very very kind of him, and Stephanie loves them both – and hates herself for it.

Drama drama drama and comedy. Nothing is off limits in these novels and you just never know what will happen next.

Bottom line: I heart Stephanie Plum. Thank you Ms. Evanovich!

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