The Chase

I am a commercial writer. I am not a literary writer, though at times the twain do meet. Mainly, however, I am a story gal. I think up these scenarios all day everyday and most are pushed aside, not worth the energy, the paper, ink, stress, rejection, sleepless nights, etc of getting them into manuscript form. Then, there are the ones that keep going on and on, demanding to be heard. I’m forced to write them. Once the decision is made, I am scratching on anything with anything to get it out. It’s the story that drags me along in a wake of caffeine and crazy. I have to tell it. I have to know what will happen. How will it end? What happens to the..whatever is happening. I am in a full on frenzy until it’s out. This process takes me about two to four weeks. Then, the editing takes another several months. Editing is a special torture for me. But that is a tale for another time.
So, back to the writing, commercial all the way. I LOVE the story, the chase, the climax and especially the resolution. Its thrilling for me in an embarrassing way, and with a magnitude that I liken to winning something HUGE. I love to tell the story. The characters propel it forward, add interest and humor, but without the story, they simply would not exist. (Of course the argument for the reverse is just as logical, but I’m hoping to corner the win based on fervor, zeal and overall excitement for my side).

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