The more I know

OK, that was not a good title for this post. I think that a better line would be something like, “The more I learn about writing the smaller the amount that I know appears.” Sadly, that was a long a boring title. I write to relieve the stories, but I never said that I write well. I mean, I hope that I write well, but I am learning that writing really is an art. It takes time. It takes tenacity and quite frankly, it takes a village. I live in a smallish town in the Midwest. There are no writers conferences within 100 miles of me. The support of human people (verses virtual people is slim pickings). However, the online community is an amazing resource to a new writer. Through a dear friend of mine, I was introduced to a romance writer (figuratively). Her name is Lucy Monroe and she is amazing. I am not a romantic. I’m not. I feel like I should be, but not so much for me. HOWEVER, Lucy is not just a romance writer. She, like everyone else, cannot be put into a box. She is an amazing writer and mentor as well. I am currently enrolled in an 11 week long online writing course taught by her and it is FREE. The other writers participating are wonderful, supportive, informative and fun. You can learn more about Lucy at her website Lucy Monroe Take a look. Take advantage of the online opportunities. You’ll learn so much more than you think, and it won’t even all be about writing.

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