The Word Whisperer

Editing is hard – for me. I have been going over a requested full, line by line, for 3 days. I am only half way through. This process is tedious and dull, and not nearly as fun as penning the exciting story. All in all, I dare say that the editing is a pretty stinky part. That’s just me. I’m more octane, less putter. Also, I don’t like all the individual words. *Sigh* Now, that you know how excited I am about editing, let me tell you why I haven’t thrown in the writing towel. I have a word whisperer. (Please see me smiling.) You read it right, and I’m keeping her. I just hope that I’ll be able to afford her once all you wordsmiths realize that I am deadly serious.

The Word Whisperer comes in the form of a spirited little female.  She is not an editor by trade. She is, however, an avid reader, and far more knowledgeable about writing from that standpoint than I. She reads more each week than I can manage in a month. She is an asset.

So, my process goes like this. I print out my manuscript, certain that I will have little to fix, and I read it. I haven’t seen this one in a while so my eyes are fresh. I circle superfluous commas, and I scratch out the unnecessary words. Then, I get on my laptop and make the changes there. (I don’t know why, but its easier to see them on paper).  Now, they’re ready for the Whisperer. I email them to her, and she returns them with dozens of errors noted.

The Word Whisperer individually interviews 80,000 words, demanding the same from each, “What’s your deal?” If they don’t answer right, they’re gone. Mis spells, out, repetitive nouns, see ya, errant thought, buh-bye. The Word Whisperer determines their fate with a swift and precise swipe of the bold.  I listen to her. She’s good, very, very, good, and MINE!

Thank you, Dear Whisperer for your magic. I owe you to the moon.

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