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Kristina McMorris

On the road to publication, I can’t tell you how many times—simply because the number’s too high to count—that I’ve hovered over the “New in Trade Paperback” table at my local Barnes & Noble, hoping for the day my own novel would take up residence on that lush display.

You know the table. The one that essentially screams, “If you’re a book club member, look no further!”

A week ago today, I had the pleasure of seeing that dream materialize. My debut novel, LETTERS FROM HOME, was officially released in the U.S. and Canada. Nearly two years after selling the book to my publishing house, the moment had arrived. And I’m happy to report it was every bit the thrill I had imagined. Then again, how could it not be, considering what it took to get here?

My literary journey has, I admit, been smoother than some, but it certainly hasn’t been vacant of bumps. You see, stating that my debut novel was indeed the first book I wrote doesn’t give the slightest hint to challenges overcome along the way, including yet not limited to: three agents, a tall stack of rejections, countless “there’s no market for this era” remarks, half-a-dozen manuscript versions, and ten-times-as-many bottles of vino. (Okay, so the vino was more of a consolation than a challenge, but can you blame me?)

Perhaps largely due to the fact that the story was inspired by my grandparents’ courtship, I wasn’t about to give up easily. So, I forged onward. And suddenly, lo and behold, the market shifted and the planets aligned. The right agent read it on the right day in the right mood, then submitted it to the right acquisitions editor on the right day in the right mood, and poof—there was a contract. But then the wait began.

And now, at long last, I’ve experienced the utter joy of holding my very own book (a non-Kinko’s version, that is), and with a textured cover so beautiful, my urge to pet it recurs daily.

Best of all, however, I’ve been able to provide my children with tangible proof of what determination and hard work can achieve. For this, my gratitude overflows.

Kristina stopped by here today as part of her larger blog tour with Wow! Women on Writing. You can find her blogging around the web all month promoting her fabulous debut title “Letters from Home.”

Bonus Giveaway Announcement: leave a comment for a chance to win your very own copy of “Letters From Home.”

Tour Dates: February 21, 2011 – March 15, 2011

Title: Letters from Home by: Kristina McMorris


In the midst of World War II, a Midwestern infantryman falls deeply in love through a yearlong letter exchange, unaware that the girl he’s writing to isn’t the one replying. Woven around this tenuous thread are three female friends whose journeys toward independence take unexpected turns as a result of romance, tragedy, and deception, their repercussions heightened by an era of the unknown. “Ambitious and compelling…[a] sweeping debut” (Publishers Weekly), LETTERS FROM HOME is a story of hope and connection, of sacrifices made in love and war – and the chance encounters that change us forever.”

Letters from Home includes both a book club reader’s guide and World War II recipes featured in the book.

Kristina made a fabulous trailer too! Hope you love it!

About the Author:

Over the years Kristina has been the emcee on a children’s TV program, a movie actress(unfortunately she was sadly overlooked for an Oscar but she did get a huge dressing room at the Jay Leno Show!), wedding planner, magazine writer, and director of public relations. A graduate of Pepperdine University, her claim to fame is that she created a new major: International Marketing. Of course, it was had less to do with expanding educational opportunities and more to do with avoiding taking a Stats class.

After living in Florence, Italy, Kristina dedicated her life to finding the perfect tiramisu. Strangely enough, she ranks Olive Garden and California Pizza Kitchen as the top tiramisu spots. But that works out well because Kristina and her husband are often accompanied on tiramisu treks by their two young and energetic sons who fit in with the Olive Garden/California Pizza Kitchen crowd.

When gathering family recipes to compile a cookbook as a holiday gift one year, Kristina got a peek at her grandfather’s letters to his sweetheart(a.k.a. Grandma Jean)while he was serving in the Navy during World War II. Those letters were the nugget that became her debut novel.

Kristina’s now working on her next novel…wrapped in her favorite invention the Snuggie…and listening to Broadway musicals…with occasional breaks to eat tiramisu and do a little swing dancing with her sweet husband.

Just Thought You Should Know:

In honor of her grandparents, and all the other families kept apart by military service, Kristina is donating a portion of her book’s profits to United Through Reading, a nonprofit organization that video records deployed U.S. military personnel reading bedtime stories to their children. You can learn more about the program at http://www.unitedthroughreading.org/

Author’s Websites:

Kristina’s website: http://www.kristinamcmorris.com/

Letters from Home Book Trailer: http://www.tinyurl.com/MCMORRIS

Letters from Home excerpt: http://www.kristinamcmorris.com/home.php?pg=excerpt_letters_from_home

5 comments to Welcome Debut Author Kristina McMorris!!!

  • Sounds like a wonderfully, sweet story. I normally am a YA reader but I have a soft spot for stories about the past. Thanks for sharing your road to publication story with us. Like with Julie’s blog, hearing about other’s writing stories are inspiring to those of use still on the journey. Thanks!

  • This sounds great–and I love the story of your book! Congratulations!

  • Thanks for having me here, Julie!

    Jenni – You’re so welcome. Wishing you well on your own journey toward publication!

    Ginny – I appreciate your kind words. Thanks for stopping by.

  • LOVE that the story is based on her grandparents’ courtship. That just makes me grin.

    I love reading historical books from most any time period, so this sounds like something I would pick up to read. ^_^

    Congrats on being published!


  • You’re right. The cover is beautiful. And the story synopsis had me intrigued. Good luck with your first book…hope it won’t be the last!

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