What’s Your MC Wearing?

Inflate Your Characters by Walking a Mile in their ….

Pumps? Flip flops? Work boots? Moccasins? Justins? Loubouttins?

I love getting to know my characters. I’m a visual girl and one way I do this is by flipping through magazines or websites or comparing them to someone I know. Once I know what they look like, I decide who they are. I mean, what makes them tick anyway?

Who is your latest main character? What would they wear to spend a day at home watching television or reading? Okay half of you groaned…”My person wouldn’t spend a day doing that.” Let’s focus. What would they wear while at home?

Would they wear that to the grocery? Would they wear it to a friend’s house? To dinner?

Clothes say more than most people will admit, but it’s true. They tell others about your health, your mood, your life and clothes give a glimpse at your personality. So, take a few minutes to quiz your characters. They just woke up. What were they sleeping in? What do they change into for the day? If they change activities, do they change clothes? How many times? Is their closet filled with the same outfit like Fred & Wilma Flintstone or are they diverse and complex like you? I hope it’s the second one. Complicated characters make for lively reading.

Their wardrobe will give you a peek into their life if you ask the right questions. Wardrobe is one more way to make discoveries about who they are. Why is or isn’t fashion important to them? Why do they or don’t they wear anything but jeans? Is it a preference? Necessary to their job? Cheaper? More practical? And then Why? Why? Why?

Who knew our clothes said so much!

So, what’s your character wearing?


2 comments to What’s Your MC Wearing?

  • Well, Logan runs around from the end of chapter 2 through the end of the book in a solid blue track suit and a pair of sneakers (it’s his work uniform, and he’s never ‘off’ call). Amelia Farnsworth, on the other hand dresses like an adult version of Wednesday Adams at work, and looks like she stepped out of a Banana Republic catalog at home. :D

  • In my WIP, Pearl, my MC Evelyn, a senior in high school, loves to wear clothes that accentuates her curves. She usually wears a high-waisted pencil skirts, or jeans that hug in all the right places, bold colored blouse, and a funky belt to bring it all together. Evey would never be caught dead without a good pair of heels or sparkly flats.

    As the book continues, Evey undergoes a huge transformation after suffering physical and emotional abuse from her boyfriend and is forced to cover herself up. Wearing white or black v necks, sweats, and converse, she is a far cry from her normal self.

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