Who Are You Again?

It’s a big world out there. Tons of authors. Tons of books. Innumerable aspirings like you and I.

Today, I want to encourage other writers to put themselves out there. If you are more of a lurker than an online personality, consider changing that up. So many writers I know make comments like, “You know how it is being an introvert. Writers have a tough time with all the self promotion.”

I get half that. I’ve never really been known as an introvert. However, I think most people regardless of personality have a a little trouble with self promotion. Some don’t, but most find it awkward to say the least.  Some call it branding yourself. Some say establish an online presence. You can call it what you want, but the goal is to network. Get to know people in the industry. Meet other writers, established authors, agents, editors, readers – especially readers. Have fun letting loose. It’s okay to be silly and happy and confident. Make friends.

I know it doesn’t always come easy, but at least there’s a degree of separation over the web. You aren’t in a room full of others wondering if you have spinach in your teeth or if your skirt’s tucked into your underpants. Writers are so good to one another. I’ve met some of my closest friends online. They get me. Don’t miss out on the camaraderie, encouragement, knowledge that’s waiting for you. Then, when your manuscript is contracted, you’ll have people to surround and support you, lift you up, fan your page, buy your book.

So, to those lurkers, say Hi. Tweet me! I want to meet you! I guarantee you so does everyone else.

3 comments to Who Are You Again?

  • Well said! I think that connecting with other people, both online and off, is half the battle to succeeding as a writer. And it’s not just for promotion; making connections if a great way to stay motivated when so much of a writer’s time is spent alone staring at a computer screen!

  • *waves* Hi Julie :) . I must admit I’m still a little lost on the making friends through twitter/blog. I’m learning my way there! Your post made me smile today :)

  • DUO

    Hey, Julie! Yep I totally hear what you’re saying. Like you, I’m not particularly introverted, in fact I’m quite extrovert. There seems to be a myth that most writers like to hang out by themselves , well, not me! :)

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