Win a Free Edit From CA Marshall!!!

Well, it’s Saturday morning and I am all hopes and prayers! You see, the amazing CA Marshall has created a contest where the winner will receive a full manuscript edit by her, and I WANT IT! CA also known as Cassandra has a BA in Professional Writing and an MA in Creative Writing. She is a freelance editor, aspiring author, and a literary agent intern.  I mean, who else would you want to edit your manuscript?? I’ve been following this contest for about two weeks and I am absolutely dying to win!

For your chance at this awesome prize, visit her website CA Marshall, then scroll down about three posts until you see it. She has everything you need to enter right there, including the rules, scoring, and and a tally sheet. With only 2 days left to go, my advice is…GET MOVING!

Meanwhile, you will find me here chewing my nails and praying. PLEASE! I WANNA WIN!!

Good Luck!

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