WOW! Are you familiar?

SO, through absolute circumstance, and my inability to comprehend the complicated inner workings of Twitter, someone who I am not following showed up on my news thread. (Is that what is called there?) And they mentioned a contest on WOW. Turns out that WOW in this scenario stands for Women on Writing, and that is exactly what it is. There are contests, and classes, all judged and taught by professional writing women. The contests are held quarterly and are judged by a guest agent each quarter. (I know!) But wait, there’s more. There’s a blog, which to my great dismay and entertainment is called The Muffin. Yeah, but if you can stop giggling and read it, is very good. I love this website and I think that if you haven’t stopped by, you should. I’ll even help you find it here: THE MUFFIN
Love it! It’s delish.

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