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Writer Wednesday welcomes Mari L. McCarthy as part of the Wow! Women on Writing blog tour.Enjoy this wonderful post about journaling to unleash your creativity and then leave a comment for Mari.

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Tips for Unleashing Your Creativity Through Journaling

Sometimes you feel stuck when attempting to create. You’re either caught in the repeating loop of a formula or agenda, or you’re frozen in indecision. You need a proverbial kick in the pants to get your creativity back on track.

When we list a few ways to kick-start your creativity, we’re struck by the fact that they’re such obvious things to do. And we realize the issue is not so much what to do as how to get started doing it.

We’ll get back to that. In the meantime, here are a few prompts, or intentionally provocative exercises aimed at stirring your muses.

1.  Musical Journal Therapy

  • Pick a song at random.
  • Listen to the song a few times in its entirety. Write down lyrics that are especially notable.
  • Expand on the lyrics you noted with further thoughts.
  • Make notes about how the music affects your body.
  • Make notes about the song as a whole – its meaning in your life. What did it originally man to you and what does it mean now?

2.  Nature Journaling

  • Pick a day when the weather seems to be begging you to go for a long walk. Follow your instincts and walk to a quiet, peaceful place where you can write without too many distractions.
  • As you walk, resist the temptation to listen to music and instead allow your mind to become more still and serene with every step.
  • Find a good spot to sit, spread out your blanket (or find a park bench or bring a folding chair), and make yourself comfortable. Take a few easy breaths, open your journal, and write about your thoughts and observations.

3.  Inspirational Quotes

Journal writing can sometimes seem to corner you. While on most days, your pen scribbles without hesitation, sometimes you can’t think of a thing to say. Or sometimes you have the opposite problem: there’s so much you want to explore in your writing that you can’t decide where to start.

In these cases, using someone else’s insightful words to encourage your own words to start flowing freely can be helpful.

Keep your journal close at hand so that whenever you come across a thought-provoking, humorous, or intriguing quote in your daily life, you can jot it down to use as a prompt later on. In this way, you can build a library of quotes that may inspire your journaling and ongoing self-discovery.

If you actually practice one or more of the above exercises, you will discover what I’m about to tell you: inspiration is continuously and perpetually at hand. Creativity is not a skill as much as it is willingness, openness, to observing and recording what you experience.

You get started in the effort to nourish your creativity by tricking yourself with such prompts as are mentioned here. Letting your present experience and observations guide your journaling is the surest path back to your purpose and goals. Let simple observation work its magic to re-connect you and your creative wellspring.

Peace of Mind and Body: 27 Days of Journaling by Mari L. McCarthy

Available in e-book or spiral notebook form, Peace of Mind and Body: 27 Days of Journaling leads you through 27 exercises to get you started along the rewarding path of daily journaling to discover yourself. In addition to daily exercises and personal stories, Mari also shares many other sources budding journal keepers can go to for inspiration.


**Leave a comment & be entered for a chance to win a copy of Mari’s book,

Peace of Mind and Body: 27 Days of Journaling**

About Mari:

Mari’s need to journal started as something much more basic. The need to learn to write. When Multiple Sclerosis attacked her right side, leaving her right hand unable to write, Mari had to find a way to teach her left hand to take over the task. A journal seemed like the perfect way to practice writing. Although journaling started as a means to an end, Mari fell in love with discovering herself through journaling.

Get to know more about Mari by visiting her online:

By Mari L. McCarthy – The Journaling Therapy Specialist, founder of Journaling for the Health of It™.  Please visit Mari’s blog at In 27 Days of Journaling to Health and Happiness (—27-days-of-journaling-to-health–happiness/), Mari walks you through an easy process for accessing your natural inner strengths. Mari’s latest publication is titled, Who Are You? How to Use Journaling Therapy to Know and Grow Your Life. See for details.

2 comments to Wow May Blog Tour: Peace of Mind & Body

  • Excellent tips, this sounds like a great book. I used to journal daily but somewhere along the way I just stopped – I would love to make it a habit again!

  • Krystal Larson

    I am so impressed that you were able to train your left hand after you could no longer use your right. Your tips are really good as well; I, too, used to have a daily journal, but with college and homework I don’t have much time :(

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