WriteOnCon 2012

As you all know, I am YA obsessed. Every year since the fruition of a particular super- ah-mahzing event, I have been at my computer absorbing everything I could. The event: WriteOnCon. This year will be the same.

What is WriteOnCon?

*Pulled directly from their About page:

WriteOnCon is the brainchild of seven writers who wanted to “pay it forward” and give something back to the writing community. The Conference is designed to give attendees many of the features of a live writer’s conference, but in an online environment. Thanks to technologies like blogging, vlogging, livestreaming, and chats, WriteOnCon connects writers with both industry professionals and fellow peers from the convenience of their own homes. Critique forums allow writers to receive feedback and exposure for their work, and the entire program is designed to be both informative and entertaining.

The conference is scheduled for weekdays, so that attendees won’t have to set aside an entire weekend to be glued to their computers. To accommodate day jobs, the schedule features more static elements during working hours, and most live events are saved for the evenings. Transcripts/replays for live sessions are also available for those unable to attend and all of the conference content is archived on our website.

It’s important to note, however, that WriteOnCon is not designed to be a replacement for larger, live writer’s conferences. Regional, national, and international conferences are a staple of the publishing industry, and WriteOnCon has been designed simply to supplement that experience in a free, easily accessible format.

WriteOnCon is also not exclusive to kidlit writers. In order to stay organized, the curriculum is focused on picture book, middle grade, and young adult writers. However, much of the information provided applies to all writers, and many of the publishing professionals who participate cross over. And since the conference is absolutely, 100% free, any interested writer is encouraged to attend.

So, if you’re interested, mark your calendars. It is a free writing conference and a great opportunity to meet other authors. Please know that many things discussed during the event will be widely applicable so don’t poo-poo on it without checking it out first. The forums bustle with feedback for everything form queries to concepts. Friends are there just waiting to be made. Don’t knock it till you try it as they say.

I hope to see you there!

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