Writer Wednesday Welcomes Author Cathleen Holst!!!!

Do you LOVE humorous women’s fiction? Chic Lit? stories about ordinary women and extraordinary love? Well, I thought so. Who doesn’t? Get some coffee because you officially LOVE me and will be glued to this screen for a few more minutes! Are you ready?

I’ve got the scoop on Cathleen Holst and her debut novel Everleigh in NYC!!! SQUEEEEEE! I’m dancing, splashed my coffee…nuts. OK. I just LOVE her.  Let’s get started!!!

Everleigh in NYC

While celebrating Mardi Gras in the big easy, Everleigh Carlisle and her BFF Christina share most things together; gossip, clothes, far too many drinks, and a visit with a voodoo priestess where an unspoken wish is granted, unknowingly altering the course of Everleigh’s life.

Two years later, her dreams are set to come true when she lands her dream job as a columnist for New York’s premiere fashion magazine, C’est Magnifique. Things become complicated when her cheating ex declares his love for her, and she meets Robert Cates, making three important discoveries: 1) Despite her best efforts, she is hopelessly attracted to Robert. 2) She has the bizarre ability to hear his thoughts. 3) He’s her new boss.

Everleigh takes a long awaited bite from the big apple, but are her eyes bigger than her appetite?

Are you on Amazon yet? Right!? I can’t wait. But, guess what? There’s more!! There’s a trailer!!!!! WHEEEE! And who’s got it for you? That’s right. Me.

OK, now that you’re hooked, let’s meet the super-fun-self-proclaimed-peach behind Miss Everleigh!

Cathleen Holst

“Having been born and raised in Atlanta, I’m a bonafide”Georgia Peach” with my stilettos firmly planted in the South. Despite whisking my characters off to glamorous places like New York or Beverly Hills, I have no intention of relocating myself to a city where good ol’ fashioned sweet tea isn’t readily available. However, I would have my boarding pass in hand in a New York minute for a shopping trip off Rodeo Drive.I currently live in a small suburb of Atlanta with my extremely patient husband (and high school sweetheart who often does the lion’s share of cooking), our three children and two, sometimes over-the-top, rambunctious dogs.”

Cathleen!!!!! I am sooooooooooo excited interview you here on my blog! AHHHH!!!! Writer Wednesday is an amazing time for me. It gives me tons of new information, helps me get to know and share my new writer friends, and always gets me drooling all over myself for the books I’m just about to buy! Thank You Thank You for stopping by today!!!

Tell us where you came up with the concept to Everleigh in NYC.

If I’m being honest, that would be my basement.Okay, I know that’s not what you were looking for, but seriously, that’s where I was. The only way I can answer that, and it’s going to sound snarky (please forgive) was from my head. I don’t plot/outline so I really can’t explain where the story came from. It’s completely organic.

No! I totally get this. I’m a pantser through and through. I get very excited from day to day when I write, wondering what will come next for my roster of utterly diverse characters. Would you say that you are like your MC Everleigh, or were you accessing another side of your personality completely?

I’m like Everleigh in one way—and that’s our klutziness. I am the biggest klutz on the face of the earth. Just ask my husband. I’m surprised he asked me out on a second date for as ungraceful as I was on our first date. Really. It was bad.

No way. You say klutziness- he sees an endearing damsel who makes him smile:) How could a fella resist? Ah, true love. *Sighs* Do you believe in magic? or just love? or both?

That’s a great question. I think there has to be a bit of magic involved or there’s no spark, you know? I don’t know. Maybe that sounds a bit cheesy, too romance novel-ish, but it’s true. Love is a fickle creature.

Agreed! Life and publishing LOL – two more fickle creations just don’t exist!!! Tell us about your journey in getting Everleigh a home on shelves.

My publisher is Canonbridge. They’re a small publishing house. …As far as getting… a publishing contract for this story Never under estimate the power of networking. That’s how it happened for me. I’d been rejected by agents at least a dozen times, and decided to blog about it. During this time I’d been chatting with the editor at Canonbridge, and we’d struck up a friendship. She asked to see my work, and the rest is history. You can’t be shy in this industry. You have to be willing to put yourself out there. Take a chance. You might be surprised.

OMG! I LOVE that advice ( hey, not just because I’m rarely shy,) because being confident is the sexiest, most universally desirable quality ever! Even if you’re thinking “No it’s trust or honesty”- the truth is that we are drawn to others who are open and joyful and confident (not in an idiot way). They imply all those other qualities. So, Stand tall people! Put on a smile and shake hands (virtually too) whenever possible! OK. That’s my two cents. I could have simply said “Agreed.” LOL.

What’s next on your calendar (book signing, promotions, a new book etc)?

Yes. To all. I’m still very new at this and have a lot to learn when it comes to promotion. I just assumed that once the book was contracted, everything else would just fall into place. Not so. There’s a lot of hard work involved, and unfortunately, not everyone is so willing to work with debut authors. Especially not one coming from a small publishing house.

Wow, that sounds intimidating. Note to authors, start setting a tenative plan for promotion. You may need it soon! Any advice to the other aspiring authors out there?

Don’t stop writing. If this is what you want to do, you have to persevere. Don’t let the naysayers sway you in anyway. And read, read, read. As Stephen King says, “If you don’t have the time to read, you don’t have the time to write.” And you certainly won’t have the tools, either. Take your time, enjoy the ride. Yes, it can be frustrating at times and you’ll no doubt be asking yourself why you decided to do this in the first place. Those days will pass and will always give way to satisfaction that you’ve done something many people only dream about.

Thank you so much for being here Cathleen and for sharing your story and Everleigh with us! Because everyone is scrambling to learn more about you. Let me offer up some links! You can visit Cathleen’s official website here. There’s a fan page on Face book. You simply MUST follow her on Twitter @cathleenholst!

Now, an interesting note on how I met Cathleen and why Twitter is an opportunity that no aspiring writer should ignore. I was contacted on Twitter by someone I didn’t know. Her name is Gabriela Lessa and she too is an aspiring writer. She wanted to form a critique group. I never had one and immediately accepted her invitation. She did the rest and if I haven’t thanked her, I seriously need to. THANK YOU GABI!!!! Gabi writes Chic Lit and wanted to find women who did as well. I’ve already told you all how I can’t find one genre, so I said “OK, I can write some chic lit, I just really need feedback so I can learn and grow.” No problem, I’ll whip up some chic lit. LOL. Well, that never happened, but the girls are so good to me anyhow. Today, I am getting my pages read by five simply fantastic writers, two of which are expecting debut novels very very soon. I wouldn’t have this experience if it wasn’t for Twitter. So people, say it with me: Get on Twitter!

Leave comments and questions for Cathleen. She’ll check in all day and watch for Everleigh in NYC, out next month!!!

5 comments to Writer Wednesday Welcomes Author Cathleen Holst!!!!

  • I love the interview, and Cathleen, such great advice! I’m heading to Amazon later today to pick me up a copy of this…can’t wait to read it!

  • Thanks so much for having me, Julie. I really enjoyed it.

    Alaina: Thanks, but I’m afraid you’ll have to wait a bit longer. It’s not yet available. The tentative release date is November 15th.

    C xx

  • Valerie Haight

    Many flips and cartwheels sent straight to you to symbolize my excitement over your publication success! Whoot! I’m so excited to have met you through Julie (who’s thoroughly amazing…) I love Writer’s Wednesdays!!! Much luck to you in your future success and I can’t wait to read your book! Please keep in touch!

  • Leah

    Julie and Cathleen,
    What a fantastic interview! This will be on my ever growing wish list for Christmas. Julie thanks for taking the time to post this!

  • Valerie & Leah:
    Thanks so much. I’m rather excited myself. It still feels a bit surreal, being on the verge of publication. Valerie, I’ll definitely keep in touch. Leah, Santa will be more than happy to leave a shiny copy in your stocking. If you’re good, that is. ;)

    Much love to you all!
    C xx

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