Writer Wednesday Welcomes BACK: Mari McCarthy

Today Writer Wednesday welcomes BACK Mari McCarthy. She’s graciously agreed to stop by as a part of her Wow! Women on Writing blog tour and I’m excited to have her! Mari’s written an amazing post on Journaling. Enjoy!

Journaling Your Loves

A stereotypical idea about journal writing involves journaling your loves. A ‘diary’ is often thought of as a secret repository of amorous adventures. Finding someone reading your diary is a horrifying embarrassment because your private lusts and yearnings involving another person have been revealed.

You might still keep such a journal, and I’m sure you have a great relationship with it and there’s nothing in the world wrong with that. But this post isn’t actually just about romance of the flirtatious kind.

Pause a minute and think of a few of the other kinds of romances you’ve enjoyed in life, the ones that did not involve having a human sweetheart.

Have you ever had a romance with spring? If you fall in love with spring, you are carried by your infatuation for days and weeks, drinking in the season’s delicacies with abandon.

Or have you ever fallen in love with a kind of music, or with an idea (givers get! or recycle!), a practice (yoga or saying grace before eating), a hobby (maybe gardening or riding motorcycles)?

Perhaps except for the very meanest amongst us, just about everyone can think of things they love. When you journal about these things, your love easily blossoms into full blown romance.

A love relationship is symbiotic: that is, each party feeds the other. When you devote one of your journals to one of your loves, that relationship can benefit like a baby at the breast.

How does this happen? When you write, you articulate and better understand. You objectify your experiences. You gain access to your most sympathetic ear (your own Inner Coach).  And then you carry that developed understanding back into your love relationship.

Try a sequence something like the following:

  1. Make a list of things you love, especially those things that come up frequently in your life or in the life of your mind. Choose one from this list.
  2. Locate a blank journal that you can dedicate to your love.
  3. Decide how often you will write in this journal and make a note of it. By stating your intention at the outset, you have a better chance of following through.
  4. Though most of your entries may center on your romance with chocolate, say, or your obsession with shopping, it’s fine to wander off wherever your scribbling takes you. Your person-to-person romances bring out the best of you in diverse ways, and so should your love journal.
  5. Be sure to include bits and baubles that can be glued in to your journal, as well as sketches, photos, and whatever other non-traditional journaling supplies that might inspire you. There are no limits to the expression of your love!
  6. Write about why you are in this romance, what you like about the thing you love, what’s your highest dream with regard to your love. Describe your experiences with it, your hopes and your failures.
  7. As with all journaling, be sure you take the time to re-read older entries now and then. Gaining this perspective on the process is essential motivation for coming back to your journal again and again.

I’ve saved the most miraculous part of journaling your loves until last. By now, you may have guessed it. You know, the more you immerse yourself in something the more you become, well, immersed. Meaning, the more you write in your love journals, the more love enlarges in your life.

Not a bad prospect, ya think?



About Mari:

After twenty years as a business consultant, Mari McCarthy switched gears. The catalyst was a health issue for which the remedy became her new life path. Mari now assists others with personal development and health issues through therapeutic journaling.

Mari says that journaling has become her “tool for life.” She keeps a journal in her office for assistance in business, one in the family area for use with introspection, and one by the bed for dream work.

Through journaling Mari has discovered many things about herself, like her desire and talent for singing! Watch Mari’s video for “To Make You Feel My Love on YouTube.

You can learn more about Mari and her work on her website: http://www.createwritenow.com/

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