Writer Wednesday Welcomes: Sarah Anderson

I am absolutely honored to introduce you to a new bestie and all around fabulous lady I met on twitter. Yes, twitter unites this industry. If you aren’t on twitter, stop reading this and go do that, then come back. Twitter is a lifeline to writers. Well, I knew I loved Sara’s witty tweets and general smiley disposition. Then I read this post. now I KNOW we’re soul mates. LOL. Prepare yourself for the cutest post like ever written. EVER. You’ll see why I love her.

(I asked her if she’d write about kisses. I’m SO glad I did.)



Ah, the first kiss, that electric moment when lips meet is the most important moment in the whole story. The first kiss is when the electricity starts to crackle, the blood begins to surge, and these two people realize there’s something deeper going on. That moment boils down to a physical love-at-first-touch upon which the whole rest of the book is based.

It’s a darn shame it doesn’t work like that in real life. I will never remember my first kiss. The only reason I know it took place is because my mother has photographic proof. The story has far outlived the experience.
Here’s what happened. I was two—towhead, quiet, and fond of exploring the forest we lived in. Timmy was two, too. He had reddish hair that curled. My parents were good friends with his parents.

So one bright day, Timmy’s family came over. Timmy and I headed straight for the sandy dunes exposed on the hills behind my house. See, these sandy dunes were a popular nightspot with the local frog population looking for love, and frogs aren’t too focused on birth control, if you get my drift. So there were hundreds of little froglets—less than half an inch long—hopping all around in the moist sand, testing out those new legs and lungs they’d just grown.

I wasn’t having any froggy luck. I couldn’t catch those squirmy little guys for the life of me and I was in danger of throwing a fit. Then, according to my mother, the magic began.

That’s right. Timmy gave me one of his frogs.

These days, I expect something more along the lines of diamonds, or at the very least chocolate, but I was two, and Timmy had me at “cchirrrrrrp!” So I kissed him.

My mother had a camera.

I don’t remember any of this, but I’ve heard it so many times that, as you can tell, I can tell it like I do. This whole thing is my mother’s story. Can you imagine? Having to learn about your first kiss from your MOTHER? Luckily, mortification is a pretty natural state for me. Like breathing air.

There were other first kisses. Playing house at daycare lead to a lot of kisses, not just for me, but for just about every kid there at some point. It’s true there was a really long drought between about first grade when I discovered boys had cooties and maybe ninth, when I realized they didn’t and my father unchained the lock on my room and let me out. (TOTALLY KIDDING. Dad’s Great! And he survived raising three daughters, God bless him!) There were a few boyfriends in high school, and The High School Sweetheart. Maybe three boyfriends in college, none in grad school, and then I met my hubby.

Frankly, his first kiss is the only one that matters anymore. The rest just wash away into the absent-minded stream of my brain, never to be seen again.

Except for the one my mother keeps framed on a desk.

The first kiss. For a frog.

This post is brought to you as part of the A Man of His Word Blog Tour. U.S. residents only. For a complete tour schedule and rules, visit www.sarahmanderson.com. Comments on this blog will be entered to win a signed copy of A Man of His Word. All blog comments are added to the Jewelry Grand Prize list. Jewelry Grand Prize announced on January 1st, 2012 to one randomly drawn name on the list. Next tour stop is Musings from the Peanut Gallery on December 5th.

A Man of His Word By Sarah Anderson

Attorney Rosebud Donnelly has a case to win. And she never lets anyone see her sweat.  But her first meeting with Dan Armstrong doesn’t go according to script.  No one warned her that the COO of the company she’s fighting would be so…manly. From his storm-colored eyes to his well-worn boots, Dan is an honest-to-goodness cowboy.  But is he honest? Her yearning for the Texas tycoon goes against reason, against family loyalty, against everything she thought she believed in.  And yet, in Dan’s strong arms, Rosebud feels she might be ready to risk everything for one more kiss….

Beginning December 6th, 2011, A Man of His Word is available! Visit your favorite bookseller, at Amazon, or for the Nook.

About Sarah:

Award-winning author Sarah M. Anderson may live east of the Mississippi River, but her heart lies out west on the Great Plains. With a lifelong love of horses and two history teachers for parents, it wasn’t long before her characters found themselves out in South Dakota among the Lakota Sioux.  She loves to put people from two different worlds into new situations and to see how their backgrounds and cultures take them someplace they never thought they’d go.

When not helping out at school or walking her rescue dog, Sarah spends her days having conversations with imaginary cowboys and American Indians, all of which is surprisingly well-tolerated by her wonderful husband and son.

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