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I did it! I have registered for my first writers conference. This is like my brother in law getting tickets to Comic Con. It’s HUGE for me, and I am thrilled. There is a lot that goes into the going process. For the mother of three small kids, I need a very loving and slightly nutty person who wants to keep them all weekend. Grandparents fit the bill nicely, and they were takers. Next, I  have to have the cash to get me there. That is a tiny issue because I have no actual income to speak of. However, I do have a devoted and completely darling husband who had no problem with the whole expense. (We use the don’t ask more than you really want to know policy about big purchases). Then, I had to get there. I am a nervous driver in new places. I asked several pals. Mostly they couldn’t justify the expense to attend a writers conference. They aren’t writers. Also, it seemed excessive to go only to chauffeur me.  I thought it was a wash until Bryan asked me if I registered. It had been a week. I normally do things in the process of deciding to do them. When I said no and told him why, he said. “I’ll go.” Yep. He’s taking a day off, driving me to Columbus, and hanging out at the hotel while I go meet writers and agents and publishers.  Sure, who wouldn’t like a day at a hotel just for sleeping and watching TV, and Bryan is scary, crazy, smart, and can log in and work from anywhere, BUT he wants to take me. He wants to be with me and encourage me and cheer me on. At the risk of sounding half my age, I must declare to the web, My husband rocks my socks, all the time. Thank you sweetie!

On a related note, if you are from Ohio and are looking to attend a small writers conference, there is one coming our way this fall. It is the Central Ohio Fiction Writers Conference and you can read more about it here:


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  • Nikki

    That so awesome thatyou decided to go! Id be right there with you if I could…hope you know that. Maybe by the fall I will be in a better situation..lol

  • Kathryn

    When you finally pen your book, published or NOT, about your three ring circus I want the first copy!!! I am serious!

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