Writing is Serious Fattening. For. Reals.

What do you weigh? Don’t answer that. Answer this. What did you weigh when you were hit with the writing bug? For me? I’m not proud of either, but the former is horrible. Luckily I write in spurts. Being so creative sucks the octane out of my brain and the caffeine from my veins. So, when I’m my most dedicated to my manuscripts, I am the most incoherent and zombie like. Zombies (for those of you not hip on pop culture or zombies of old because they’re all the same) don’t exercise. Neither do I when I’m scrambling inside my head, wrapped in a holey bathrobe living out my inner Jack-what’s-his-name *insert the guy from the SHINING here* picture me with those Nicholson crazy eyebrows and an evil expression. <—that’s me on writing.

A few weeks go by and the writing wears thin. I peel my stinky unkept self from the couch, shower, introduce myself to my family and get on the scale. Scale always replies TILT. or GETOFF. or OUCHIE. or a bad word. It all depends on how long I’ve been writing.  This time, I managed to pack on a whopping 15 pounds between August and January. Thank my lucky stars that my cousin in law Nikki Brandyberry and fabulous romance diva/author Keri Ford started making me accountable for fitness time. The treadmill is boring and painful to me like eyepoking,  but it gets the job done AND I can still plot out ways to torment my characters. Win-Win. Benefit Bonus = I lost 5 pounds in less than 2 weeks. You can call it water weight, but I’ll cyber-smack you because I’m working up a sweat over here.

Point of today’s post? Get some exercise. it’s good for the soul, the manuscript, your pants fit better, your spouse will say “wowie-wow-wow” and you’ll be glad you did. Writers can’t ignore their health for the sake of those voices. I mean, even after the manuscript’s done, new voices begin. We can’t escape, so we might as well be cute and fit while we’re busy being crazy.

Everyone needs a redeeming quality LOL.

6 comments to Writing is Serious Fattening. For. Reals.

  • God, I love you. I needed this laugh this morning as I attempt to peel my body from the couch after running in the freezing cold at 5 am. I had this revelation too. We writers get so lost in what we’re working on that time flies and before we know it, we’ve forgotten to bathe and eat and other necessary things. So…I’m making exercise mandatory…but that feels like a nasty word so I’m calling it my creative thinking time. Proud of you, honey!

  • Erin Edwards

    I hear you loud and clear. :) So, so easy for me to let those pounds creep up.

    Ever heard of a treadmill desk? “Things” have gotten in the way of me giving it a true test, but my hubby came up with a really great and easy way to set one up. We had some open backed bookshelves that he placed on either side of the treadmill. Then he placed a shelf board across the treadmill at the correct height for me to type on my laptop. (Regular bookshelves would work too, you’ll just have to cut the board the correct length. We had some laminated shelf board left over from our pantry and it makes a really nice smooth surface.)

    Hah! I just finished my coffee. So I should move myself to the treadmill desk. :)

  • This is SO true for me. In fact, I was thinking about it today. But THEN my new Pajama Jeans arrived in the mail. OMG. Writers shouldn’t be allowed to own them. I am in love. And plan on buying six more for the other days in the week. And a pair to exercise in, of course. :)

  • Keep up the great workout! I can relate to adding on the extra pounds. Haven’t faced the treadmill yet. Soon :)
    Great idea from Erin! I might have to try the treadmill desk.

  • Oh, so true for me too… Shifting book weight is just like “baby weight” was…only then the old metabolism was in younger mode!! Country walks, that’s my solution, and you can have a think too.

  • Pants are tight again. I totally relate. Leaving work early just so I can get to the gym ASAP.

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