YA Book of AWESOME: After Obsession by Carrie Jones

This book was absolutely amazing. Carrie Jones became one of my favorite YA authors last year when I happened across Need and quickly bought the series. After Obsession was another happy find. I hadn’t realized it was coming and I jumped on it when I saw it released. I read it in two days, struggling to savor every gorgeous, intriguing, breath taking word as I raced from scene to scene, chapter to chapter, dying to know what would happen next.

Carrie crafts the best YA MCs, strong and good, flawed like the rest of us, but ultimately conquering their fears, reaching their goals. They face obstacles head on and do it selflessly. The chemistry in this book was off the chart, never really coming to the full on make out you crave, but leaving you with enough to know there is love there. That beyond the final page, more is unfolding in their lives.

After Obsession was the first YA thriller I’ve read. I’m not positive ‘thriller’ is exactly the right word, but I know my heart raced and the hair on my arms stood at attention for most of the book. The evil is right there, touching their lives, tainting the pages, not drifting somewhere beyond like in many stories. I loved the tension. I worried for the characters, in many cases rightfully so. This was a very real book where stakes were high and bad bad things happened. They weren’t’ alluded to. She told you straight out, and it was creepy bad.

I know I haven’t told you anything about the plot. LOL. I went into this thinking it was another sequel to the Need, Captivate, Entice books so I had no idea what I was getting into. I think that made it even better. I want you to dive in like I did — pun intended. You’ll get that later. So, I guess all I’m willing to say now is if you like YA, you will love this book. The characters are great. The story is intriguing and creeptastic and wonderful.

Read it. Read it. Read it.

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