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Thankful Writer Here.

There’s something poignant about Thanksgiving to me. Amidst the chaos, my eyes are always open a little wider. I think it has to do with having everyone you love within screaming hugging distance. Today, my mind is full of promises and truths. My faith adds another layer of wonderful to everyday, but especially on days like this when I feel the unity of our country acknowledging all they have to give thanks for.

These are a few of the things I am thankful for:

My fabulous, amazing, handsome, funny, crazy-smart, rockstar hubby, my precious children, my loving, devoted, fabulous parents, my wonderful giant family which I married into, my friends, my unbelievable amazing church family, our pastors, fantastic childrens ministries, and womens ministries, and outreach programs, living in the midwest, my nice warm home, cars that run and are paid for lol, my health and the health of all those people listed above, American soldiers, policemen, firefighters, all those people on duty today to make sure we’re safe or healthy, the doctors and nurses at the hospitals and the volunteers at the shelters, yummy food to fill the tummys of those people above, books, family pets, my education and that of my kids. I’m thankful in advance for my little ones’ future spouses and their future children, and I hope they will be as blessed in their marriages as I am.  I’m thankful for my warm robe and comfy slippers,  my crit partner and critique group, for the Internet and Twitter and all social media for making the world smaller, allowing me to see what my friends in other countries are doing, how they’re celebrating and watch their children grow. My list can go on forever. There’s simply not enough space, even on the web, to list all I am thankful for or what it means to me, but I can tell you where it comes from: my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I Want To Go To There

For years, Hubsy has saved vacation time until the end of the year. Then he takes every Friday off from Thanksgiving until the New Year AND the days between Christmas and New Years, sometimes the whole week of Christmas. The guy’s got vacay by the buttload. This year his company is doing a huge thing with computers and other stuff I don’t pretned to understand and he was told he can’t take the time off. Um, Hello, honey? It’s your wife, spilling our mundane but personal information online again. Anyway- he can roll it over. This means his normal buttload of vacay time will be an official crapton for 2013. This brings me to the title of this post….I Want To Go To There.

As you know, I like to drag Hubsy to all my writerly things and events and whatnot because it’s fun to leave the kids with Grandma. What? It IS. So, at his “roll over the vacay” news, I immediately began to search for all the conferences and parties I need to attend next year. There are so very many. Living in Ohio, I try to stay on the Eastern Seaboard because travel takes time and we normally try to fit things into weekends….not next year. Next year I think we need to do the big writers shindig in Maui. I’m defs hitting BEA and I’m attending Authors After Dark unless it’s the same week I’m taking the kids (yeah, we do stuff with them sometimes too ) to Disney. What can I say? I have an inner princess who needs to dance with Mickey every other year, plus, you know, the kids. I hear Malice Domestic is a must see and Bouchercon is making its rounds.

I’m a squeeing bouncing child over here right now. Where shall I go? What shall I do? Writer Cruise? Children’s Book Fair in Bologna? Where are you guys going? Because I want to go to there!

I’m visiting Author Jen McConnel Today!

Today I’m traveling. LOL I’ve taken my show on the road and I’m blogging for a lovely lady I met while tweeting! I so love twitter! And Jen McConnel is one of the reasons :) I’m blogging today at her delightful site, at HER BLOG . I’m honored to be featured on Jen’s blog. She’s absolutely amazing as both a fellow author and friend.

Stop by and see me. All commenters will be entered to win a copy of Love Blossoms!

Love Blossoms by Me! Julie Anne Lindsey

Jillian thought she had everything she needed until Jackson walked through her door…

There’s a wedding coming to Honey Creek and the whole town’s preparing for the party. When Jillian Parker agreed to host a few groomsmen at her inn, she had no idea what she was getting into. One of those groomsmen is Jackson Tate, and he’s making her concentration completely impossible. He’s funny, fascinating, frustrating, and leaving in a week. Jillian does not have time for that level of distraction. With Jackson nearby, events to coordinate, a bride to please, and an ex-fiancé to dodge, her peaceful life’s getting crazy fast. With any luck, she’ll survive the week and put the whole thing behind her as soon as possible.

…But not if Jackson has anything to say about it.

If you’re in the mood for a sweet romantic read with a very happy ending, I hope you’ll visit Honey Creek. The sun is setting, bullfrogs are croaking and the crickets are singing, “Come on.” Sweet tea or hot cider. Fresh summer strawberries or crisp fall apples. You’ll find it there. And taking a trip to Honey Creek is as easy as Amazon : ) I hope to see you there!



Attention YA Readers, Writers, Lovers: Merit Press has Arrived

It’s no secret I am an obsessive YA reader. I write it too. Mostly sweet romance. But I love the drama and deep emotional conflicts in YA. I write that too sometimes with dreams of making young adult readers jump, scream, laugh or swoon. Every time I finish a delish new YA, I’m left craving more of those passionate characters who will die for what is right. The ones whose love starts in their soul and burns through every fiber of them.

YA makes me intensely happy.

I’m always trolling for my next favorite author or series, haunting YA blogs and stalking my librarian. Don’t worry. She knows. I *think*. *slides eyes*

Imagine my thrill to see Adam’s Media announce the new YA imprint Merit Press. As you know, I write sweet romances and have been eyeballing the Crimson Romance line from Adam’s. Then, during my usual lurky rounds, I found Merit. The editor in chief of this new venture is none other than Jacqueline (Jackie) Mitchard. I stole this from the link above: “Jacquelyn Mitchard is the New York Times bestselling author of more than 20 books for young adults and children, as well a longtime journalist who teaches Creative Writing to adults traditional students.” My jaw dropped. This isn’t just an editor with experience and degrees in the industry. This is a woman who lives in the industry. She knows the business. She teaches. This is an new author’s gold mine. I mean, what better way to learn this business than through someone who knows it. Like really knows it.

I could go on about the awesomeness, but I won’t. I’ll let you read up on it for yourself. Merit has five titles ready to go already and At least a dozen titles set for 2013. Merit’s actively building their platform and reach into the world of bookish YA love.

If you have a YA manuscript that fits the Merit vision (read on link above), get it out, dust it off, revise, pray & submit. Opportunities like these don’t come along everyday. They shouldn’t be ignored :)

*Advice form Julie * :P And it comes with a smile :)

Writer Wednesday Welcomes: Pamela Cable King

Why PUBLIC SPEAKING is a Writer’s Best Friend

You’ve written the book. Now what? After the good reviews, nice blurbs, pretty book cover, guest blogs, interviews, and diving into social media, what else can authors do to promote their book?

Selling thousands of copies of my first book was no small feat. To say any writer can hand sell their book out of the trunk of their car would be a false statement. Selling your book is hard work, to say the least. But writers, fearless writers, can be fearless marketers.

Writers know about platform and branding. Very simply, a platform is your customer base, your brand is your promise. A platform is the people who could, now and in the future, buy your books. Your brand will keep them reading your work. Hopefully.

Writing conferences, securing online presence, and joining networking groups will help a writer build that solid platform. There are a zillion web sites available for writers to promote their books. But, it’s been my experience the best possible marketing tool for the writer is (drum roll, please) public speaking. Meeting your readers, up close and personal.

I know, it’s not what writers want to hear. We’re solitary folk, writing in the privacy of our homes, offices, attics, and basements. So why would we want to speak publicly?

Whether you’re published by a big house, small house, or self-published, YOU ARE YOUR BEST PUBLICIST. Speaking about your book is your best tool—especially if it’s self-published. When Southern Fried Women was published, Michael and I decided to take a little money and put it toward travel. And travel, we did.

I’ve spoken at over 150 venues to date, from New York City to Orlando, Florida. We wore out two cars and burned up lots of tax-deductible gas these past few years. Forget hoping the bookstores won’t return your unsold books after three months. You are in control. Never, ever stop marketing your book. After six years, I’m still selling Southern Fried Women everywhere I go, and about to do the same with my debut novel, Televenge. How?

After I speak, I sell and sign books at the back of the room.

Want the real secret? It’s simple. Get the audience to fall in love with you and they’ll flock to your book table afterward to take a piece of you home. Be humble, be kind, be gracious, but most of all … be genuine.

Smiling as I watch folks line up, I have signed as many as 150 books at one event. I can attest it’s the best confidence-builder in the world. PUBLIC SPEAKING sells books that would otherwise sit in boxes inside your garage, basement, or your publisher’s storage room.


Your best opportunity for speaking opportunities is NETWORKING. Join your local chamber. Go to a meeting of your Red Hat Society Ladies, Garden Club, Book Clubs, Schools, anyone you know who belongs to a group that utilizes speakers. How about your church? There are hosts of networking groups you can join. The Internet is great place to gather contact information for civic groups. But don’t push. If they say no, then move on.

Writers must be overcomers. It’s an old church term I’ve heard for years. We have to overcome fear: the fear of public speaking, the fear of promoting ourselves, and the fear of failure. It’s important to me that the hours and hours I spent on my passion are not wasted. Not only do I want my work published, I want it read. Every day presents new challenges in my writing career, but public speaking is no longer one of them.

If it worked for me, it can work for anybody.

To get more tips on public speaking, go to my blog at and click on the September 11, 2012 post, Why PUBLIC SPEAKING is a Writer’s Best Friend.

Find Pamela online:

Pamela King Cable



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